Terms and Conditions of Sale

General Conditions

EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. invites each user to carefully read these General Conditions of sale of the products, before completing any purchase and once this operation is concluded, to print them or save a copy in digital format.

The General Conditions govern the remote purchase of products and services promoted on the giulaluce.it site. of ownership EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. with registered office in via Via San Girolamo 24, 60025 Loreto AN p.iva 01921540439

The product offer is aimed at both consumer users and other users. By consumer users we mean those who purchase products for purposes unrelated to the entrepreneurial or professional activity they may carry out in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 206/2005 (consumer code). For the purposes of these general conditions, a consumer is not considered to be anyone who, when purchasing a product, expressly indicates his VAT number in the mask reserved for entering personal data.

These General Conditions may be modified or updated at any time by EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. , which will notify customers through the appropriate link on the site. Purchase orders placed before the publication of the above changes will be subject to the General Terms and Conditions in force at the time the contract of sale is concluded. The photos and descriptions of the products on the giulialuce.it site may change without notice.

Product Availability

Usually the material in the offers and news section is ready for delivery. Should an order exceed the quantity in stock or should be unavailable at the moment, EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. will communicate via email the lack of availability and any waiting for the fulfillment of the order; if the customer does not agree to wait the time necessary for delivery, the contract will be considered terminated EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. will immediately cancel the payment in the event that the customer has already made it.


All prices are VAT included unless otherwise indicated. The prices are valid only for online purchases.


All our products are sold with a commercial invoice.


All products offered by EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. are covered by the original manufacturer's warranty of 24 months for lack of conformity, pursuant to Legislative Decree 24/02. For companies, a 6-month warranty applies. Damages caused by misuse are not guaranteed and we will not be held responsible for direct or indirect damages resulting from improper use of the products we sell. Simple wear is excluded from the guarantee. If the customer wants to take advantage of the warranty on a purchased product, simply contact our Service Center at the following e-mail box:

Deliveries of Products

EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. delivers its products to all European Union countries and non-European countries that adopt the same standards and certifications for electrical components.

Right of Withdrawal

  1. Pursuant to art. 64 and following Legislative Decree 206/2005, if the customer is a consumer (i.e. a natural person who purchases the goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or does not make the purchase by indicating in the order form a EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. a reference to VAT number), has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason, without the need to provide explanations and without any penalty, except as indicated in point 3 below.

  2. To exercise this right, the customer must send to EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. a written communication declaring that you want to exercise the right of withdrawal, within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the goods. This communication must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, addressed to

    Via San Girolamo 24
    60025 Loreto AN

    for compliance with the terms of withdrawal, the date of dispatch of the registered letter with return receipt made by the customer will prevail. Once we have received the aforementioned notice of withdrawal, the Customer Service of EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. will quickly communicate to the customer the instructions on how to return the goods which must take place within the next 48 hours.

  1. The cooling-off period is subject to the following conditions:

    • the law applies to the product purchased in its entirety; it is not possible to exercise withdrawal only on part of the purchased product (e.g. accessories, spare parts, etc ...);

    • the purchased good must be intact and returned in the original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessory equipment: manuals, accessories, etc ...); to limit damage to the original packaging, we recommend, when possible, to put it in a second box, on which to affix the label provided by EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. , showing the RMA number (return authorization code); in all cases the affixing of labels or adhesive tapes directly on the original product packaging should be avoided;

    • 22d) in accordance with the law the shipping charges for returning goods must be paid by the Customer;

    • 22e) during shipping, until attestation of the goods' arrival in our stores, returned goods are the responsibility of the Customer;

    • |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||in caso di danneggiamento del bene durante il trasporto, EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. darà comunicazione al cliente dell'accaduto (entro il 5° giorno dal ricevimento del bene nei propri magazzini), per consentirgli di sporgere tempestivamente denuncia nei confronti del corriere da lui scelto e ottenere il rimborso del valore del bene (se assicurato); in questa eventualità, il prodotto sarà messo a disposizione del cliente per la sua restituzione, contemporaneamente annullando la richiesta di recesso;|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||

    • EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. is not responsible in any way for damage or theft / loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments;

    • Upon their arrival in our warehouse, all products will be examined and appraised for any damages and tampering not caused in transport. |||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_START|||Qualora la confezione e/o l'imballo originale risultino rovinati, EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. provvederà a trattenere dal rimborso dovuto una percentuale, comunque non superiore al 10% dello stesso, quale contributo alle spese di ripristino.|||UNTRANSLATED_CONTENT_END|||

  2. Without prejudice to any restoration costs for ascertained damage to the original packaging, EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. will refund the customer the full amount already paid, by bank transfer, within 15 days from the return of the goods. The customer shall promptly provide the details of the bank to which the transfer is to be made (the ABI and CAB codes and current account number of the party in whose name the invoice was issued).

  3. The right of withdrawal is totally lost, for lack of the essential condition of integrity of the goods (packaging and / or its contents), in cases where EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. make sure:

    • 24a) the absence of the original external packaging and/or internal packaging;

    • 24b) the absence of elements supplied with the product (accessories, cables etc.);;

    • 24c) the product has been damaged by causes not linked to shipping.

In case of forfeiture of the right of withdrawal, EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. will return the purchased good to the sender, charging the shipping costs to him.

Permissions and Privacy

By filling in the personal data sheet in the registration procedure necessary to activate the process for the execution of the offer request and the relative confirmation at the time of the conclusion of the contract, the customer authorizes EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. to communicate non-sensitive personal data (residence, telephone number) to trusted couriers used for the delivery of purchased goods in order to allow the procedures necessary for their delivery.

For more information about the processing of your data, consult ours Pricay information .

The data controller is EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S.

Obligations of the buyer

  • The purchaser can’t include lying statements in the registration form that is necessary to execute the said contract and to activate further communications; personal data and e-mail addresses must be truthful.

  • The customer authorizes EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. and undertakes to provide, at the latter's discretion, copies of unexpired identity documents.

  • Failure to comply with the request for documents authorizes EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. to terminate the contract due to non-fulfillment by the buyer.

  • The client relieves Centro Arredo of any responsibility coming from the issue of tax records that are incorrect due to mistakes in the data provided by the Client, being the Client the sole responsible for the correct inclusion.

  • The client commits themselves, upon conclusion of the on-line purchase procedure, to print and retain these general terms and conditions which they have already read and accepted as a compulsory step to purchase a product, and to print the characteristics of the purchased products.

The payment warranty mentioned above is very important and the customer’s non-payment will cause the termination of the contract without the need of any forensic eloquence, unless the right of Centro Arredo to sue for damages.


EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. has the right to terminate the stipulated contract by simply notifying the customer with adequate and justified reasons; in this case the customer will only have the right to a refund of any sum already paid.

Method of payment

Bank transfer

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, the order will be kept busy and will be processed only after having received confirmation of the crediting from the bank on the EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. c / c.Payment must be made within 3 days of starting from the date the order was placed. After this deadline the order will be automatically cancelled. The purpose of the bank transfer must necessarily include the order number. The bank transfer shall be addressed to:

Account holder: EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S.
IBAN: IT88G0849137380000160100548


Once the payment has been made, notify us immediately by e-mail. Remember that an average of 4/5 working days pass before being able to verify the transaction. Once verified we will immediately send the item.

PayPal or Credit Cards:

Payment by credit card or PayPal Account is redirected to the PayPal site to ensure maximum security. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account as it is possible to pay via most credit cards without registering.

EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. reserves the right to request the customer, at any time, to send additional information and / or documents proving ownership of the credit card used. If the customer does not comply with the requests, EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. reserves the right not to accept the order. At no time during the purchase procedure EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. is able to know the information relating to the buyer's credit card, transmitted via a secure connection directly to the website of the bank that manages the transaction.

In cases of purchase of goods with PayPal payment methods, at the same time as the conclusion of the online transaction, PayPal will immediately charge the amount relating to the purchase made.


In case of non-payment - for various reasons - of the Price indicated in the sales contract, EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. will invite the customer to settle the balance. Until the customer has regularized his position, EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. reserves the right to terminate any existing sales contracts with immediate effect, as well as to block the purchase functions through the site, notifying the customer, without prejudice to the EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. right to request the reimbursement of any further damage suffered.


The costs are charged to the customer and are calculated based on the weight and volume of the package and its destination. In any case, the costs will be calculated and indicated in the shopping cart at the time of completing the offer request.

Courier Used

Couriers affiliated with EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. are used

How to act by delivery

EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. will ship the purchased goods within 10 days of the actual crediting of the amount due. To these must then be added the time taken by the courier for delivery. Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday. Delivery times are indicative as they may vary due to force majeure, related to the weather, health issues, traffic problems, traffic or strikes in progress.

The execution of the order will remain suspended in case of failure to collect within 5 working days. The product in stock will return to EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. warehouses

How to act by damage due to transport

Upon delivery of the goods, clients/costumers must check that the parcel is intact, not damaged or wet and pursuant to the standard characteristics of a parcel. Any complaint has to be immediately raised to the courier; otherwise the product is intended to be delivered well. From the moment in which the customer receives the damaged goods or requests their return to the carrier, he has direct and exclusive action against the carrier itself. The latter is also liable for the delay in delivering the goods to the recipient. In such cases, Audilio Pezzoli s.n.c. is free from any responsibilities due to losses or damage occurred to the goods starting from the moment they are handed over to the courier. Any costs of storage of the goods with the courier, in case delivery is impossible due to unavailability, are charged to the buyer.

Compensation due to losses or damage

If on unloading the goods there is evident damage to the packaging, it is necessary:
express a reservation or the package is accepted but before signing the document you must write "I accept with reserve right", once the package has been opened and any damage has been found, it will be possible to be compensated for the damage suffered based on the compensation parameters of the .lgs nr 286 of 21/11/2005. refuse the damaged good if it is not possible to conditionally accept the package or in case that the damage is clearly evident without opening the package.


All communications or any complaints must be addressed, by registered letter with return receipt, to:

Via San Girolamo 24
60025 Loreto AN

The sales contract between the customer and EVERMALUBRA S.R.L.S. is governed by Italian law. Any dispute relating to the general conditions or sales contracts will be devolved to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Ancona, without prejudice to the applicability of the mandatory provisions of law for the protection of consumers.

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